A responsible corporate citizen

Netsmartz is a good global citizen and as an organization, we are extremely aware of our corporate social responsibility. We aim to make the world a better place by doing our little bit in whatever way possible. Our CSR extends first towards our employees and we treat every single individual with respect. We uphold the dignity and rights of every employee without discrimination on any grounds. We believe in integrity and our dealings are transparent with every stakeholder be it a vendor, client, or an employee.

We encourage our employees to participate in our CSR activities for a multitude of reasons, including building closer bonds with coworkers and helping the local communities. Giving back is good karma and many of our employees and their families have completely embraced the concept.

Some of our CSR Activities

CSR Activities
Initiative to Support the Vision of Animals Water Bowl Project

As a part of our, we took the initiative to support the vision of Animals Water Bowl Project, India. The intent of this project is to ensure that every stray animal gets clean drinking water around the clock, throughout the year and connect humans with animals.The volunteers of Animals Water Bowl Project India distributed cemented bowls to, which they had to keep at a safe place and take responsibility to put clean water into that for the consumption of stray animals. Our sincere thanks to the Netsmartz Family who contributed towards the betterment of our society.

CSR Activities
Charity Drive in Collaboration with Aashman NGO

As a part of our, organized a Charity Drive in collaboration with Aashman NGO, which provides education to underprivileged students.The objective of Aashman Foundation is to work unconditionally for Women Empowerment, Single Income Families and Underprivileged Children through environmental-based livelihood programs like healthcare, innovative education and more.

CSR Activities
Netsmartz visits the Institute for the Blind

Our team visited the Institute for the Blind with fruits and chocolate bars in hand and were given a warm welcome from warden Mr. Pathak, Principal Mr. Jayara and the students. During lunch, we interacted with the students by distributing the goodies to each table and taking the time to chat individually with as many as we could.

CSR Activities
Participation in the National Road Safety Awareness Week

The Chandigarh Traffic Police organized the 26th Road Safety Week from January 27th through February 2nd, 2015, with the theme “Safety is not just a slogan, it’s a way of life.” Over 200 students and IT professionals from Netsmartz joined this awareness campaign. The Netsmartz team held up placards with safety slogans and tirelessly walked to spread safety awareness.

CSR Activities
Blood Donation Camp at Netsmartz

As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we organized a Blood Donation Camp at our facility. Blood is precious and saves lives - it was heartening to note that over a 100 Netsmartzians stepped forward to donate blood.

CSR Activities
Swachh IT Park Abhiyan

Over 80 Netsmartz employees participated in a cleanliness drive at IT Park under the Swachh IT Park Abhiyan program. The cleanliness drive was organized in collaboration with the municipal council and flagged off by Deputy Mayor - Chandigarh Ms. Gurbax Rawat. Over 100 kg (220lbs) of garbage was collected and lifted from IT Park.

CSR Activities
A collection drive for Sahyog

Our generous employees came together and collected over 200 kilos(440 lbs) of old newspapers for Sahyog (A division of PFA) that helps the orphans and underprivileged children in skill development. The paper bags made from old newspapers are sold which contributes substantially to Sahyog's efforts.

CSR Activities
Gifts from the Wishing Tree

Netsmartz decided to play Santa for Diwali! Employees helped the less fortunate fulfill wishes from the Wishing tree. There were big smiles going around as many found that it is truly better to give than to receive.

Internal CSR

Apart from the social initiatives we are engaged in, we also contribute to increasing employment in the region by encouraging startups. Our goal is to create a rich entrepreneurial ecosystem. Please visit the SACC page and Startup in a Box to learn more.