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Which is Best – An In-house Team or a Global Delivery Partner for Software Development

You cannot just flip a coin and make a call to choose between having an in-house or outsourced software development team. The crucial decision will depend on several factors. To make an informed decision, we will discuss about the pros and ...


Application Development

Which Frameworks Do PHP Developers Prefer for Web Development?

When it comes to web development, PHP is pretty much the unanimous choice of developers. To stress its popularity, more than 80% of websites are powered by PHP. To name few of the most famous websi...


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Technical SEO – How Does It Help and Why is It Important? 

The Basics First

There are three distinct aspects of SEO and technical SEO is the most important. SEO guidelines are constantly evolving and due to frequent updates in the algorithm of s...


How to Keep Customers Coming Back to Your E-Commerce Website 

We already know that customer acquisition and retention is a never-ending battle that is easy to lose. Increasing the traffic with digital...