The FiberSmartz Suite: complete operational support for Telecom companies

Fibersmartz OSS software supports your network services, enables fast customer service, and supports your technicians at every level of operation. We keep you prepared for the unexpected with our agile and efficient working solutions. The FiberSmartz software suite has been created to handle all aspects of operations for Telecom companies through various modules, including FiberSmartz OSS, Service Availability Matrix, Sales Commission Portal, Customer Portal, Pricing Portal, and Electronic Sales Order Form (eSOF).
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FiberSmartz Software Modules

FiberSmartz OSS

FiberSmartz is a fully integrated end-to-end OSS for service provisioning/delivery, trouble management, scheduled maintenance, circuit inventory, and customer care.

FiberSmartz automates back office activities by allowing data to flow electronically across a service provider’s organization. FiberSmartz creates consistency and efficiency while providing visibility into business processes and resource allocation.

FiberSmartz OSS is comprised of 5 Modules. These modules can be procured separately or as one fully integrated system.

  • Provisioning Workflow module
  • Trouble Management module
  • Circuit Inventory module
  • Customer Care module
  • CRM module
FiberSmartz Pricing Portal
  • Fast, automated quote generation.
  • Multiple users can query and compare pricing information simultaneously.
  • Features an extensive product catalogue.
  • Single-click Special Pricing approvals.
  • Web based solution – quotes are stored in a central location.
FiberSmartz Service Availability Matrix
  • Signed order forms and history is maintained at a central repository.
  • eSOF integrates tightly with the provisioning process.
  • Collaborative workflow with electronic inputs and approvals saves time.
  • Reduces sales order form size.
FiberSmartz Electronic Sales Order Form (eSOF)
  • Manage incentives and calculate sales commission payouts.
  • No need for manual data collection.
  • Payouts can be based on data collected from multiple sources, including Salesforce and SAP, plus individual user settings.
  • Improves accuracy without the need of manually checking and validating multiple sources.
FiberSmartz Sales Commission
  • Automated fast mechanism to manage incentives and calculate sales commission payouts.
  • No need for manual data collection.
  • Payouts are based on data collected from multiple sources – Salesforce, SAP etc. and individual user settings.
  • Improves accuracy, additional manual checks and validations are not required even when there are changes in user data.

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