Give your website a diagnostic SEO checkup

Most SEO audit services are typically reports generated by automated software – but not ours. We provide a detailed analysis of your website, with its strong points and drawbacks. We will provide a detailed road map or a customized SEO strategy of what you should be doing to optimize your website successfully.

Your SEO Audit will be handled by a veteran SEO manager and aided by an expert team of SEO professionals who put in hours of effort in their manual analytic processes. Our teams use in-depth data analysis and the latest tools to create a list of actionable steps that can be used to increase a website’s online visibility, and search rankings.

We will connect over the phone call and email with you to clear any doubts or queries you may have about our report and recommendations. You will find a gradual but sizeable increase in conversions and traffic after you implement our suggestions.

Specific questions covered by our SEO Audit
  • Limitations to your website’s visibility whether through content or technical setup.
  • Competitive Analysis: SEO strategy as compared to what competitors are doing.
  • Analysis of social media strategy as an adjunct to SEO and digital marketing.
  • Items that can be immediately acted upon to start showing results.
  • Prioritizing recommendations – which actions will give you the most bang for your buck.

What we include in our SEO Audit

SEO Technical Audit:

We examine and collect information on all the URLs in your website, checking for technical limitations.

Site crawlability quotient:

Check for robots.txt, XML sitemaps, 404 errors, or anything that may hamper search engines crawling your site.

Website Accessibility:

Is your website accessible to all, including the differently abled? If not, you could receive a slightly lower ranking from Google.

Duplicate Content

We check for plagiarized or content that is repeated.

Semantic Markup:

Does your website have a structured markup with the appropriate tags and titles? Properly done markup could help you acquire rich snippets.

Google Analytics:

We check your implementation of Google Analytics for issues since getting accurate data is absolutely crucial.

Keyword Research:

We review the keywords you are using, including your keyword strategy, to increase both traffic and conversions.

Content Strategy:

Use of search engine friendly content, landing page optimization for maximal conversions, and attractive content to keep visitors coming – our content strategy makes sure you have it all.

Website Architecture

We analyze your internal link structure, navigation, and information architecture. We make recommendations to prioritize high converting SEO pages by improving the link structure.

Link Profile Analysis:

We analyze the quality of your current links and suggest how you can go about acquiring more.

Social Media Analysis:

We review your business to make sure it’s making the best use of social media channels and suggest better strategies for online visibility and traffic.

Competitive Analysis:

We examine your competition’s digital marketing strategy, its strengths and weaknesses, and do a comparative analysis to show you just how you can alter your marketing tactics to overcome the competition.

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