Big results with Pay-Per-Click advertising

When it comes to Pay-per-Click advertising, Netsmartz is a veteran. We offer full service PPC management in managing of bids, budget, and media so that you realize the most effective ROI. Our PPC services are customized to your requirements after a detailed analysis and in-depth fine tuning and campaign optimization.

When you sign on with us, you will have a PPC manager dedicated to your campaign who will be responsible for the entire project. Your PPC manager will drive all changes and customization on strategy and technical aspects. Our PPC teams have a wide-ranging skillset that includes content writers, designers, social media experts, PPC/SEO professionals, and strategy consultants.

PPC Services

Netsmartz Professional PPC Program Management provides Set up and Management services for Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter, Facebook PPC, LinkedIn PPC and Tier 2 search engines.

  • Expert level traffic targeting.
  • Maximum exposure at reduced cost.
  • Continuous analysis and on-the-fly program modification.
  • Top conversion rates and top ROI.

PPC linked services

Campaign plans and strategy:

We design a campaign for you and initiate an ad group setup.

Researching and selecting keywords:

We do an intensive amount of keyword research to determine on the best keywords for you. The aim is to get keywords that work effectively without costing an arm and a leg.

Creative content writing:

When it comes to the actual writing of the ads, such as titles and descriptions, we create engaging and compelling content to attract searchers. Our ads point to well-designed landing pages that optimize click through and help boost conversions.

Identification of high-performing landing pages:

We pinpoint and decide on the optimal landing pages from your existing pages or recommend improvements in them to aid better conversions.

PPC Campaign conversion tracking:

We generate codes so we can track conversions from your PPC campaigns and instruct your staff in how to track them as well.

Submitting advertisements:

We submit your keywords and creative content to paid search programs.

Setting up your PPC account:

We set up and monitor different account settings, such as daily max spend and match type, to realize your business objectives.

PPC bid management and ROI tracking:

We monitor and adjust the cost-per-click bids to get the best ROI. The CPC bid cost is what you pay when a user or potential customer clicks on your displayed ad on a search network.

PPC Monthly Report:

We provide you with a detailed report monthly outlining campaign performance, keyword costs, conversions and more. We also discuss next the steps and the performance of the previous month.

Campaign review and improvements:

We also provide you with a monthly detailed report outlining the campaign. Once you’ve reviewed this report, we discuss the prior month’s performance and also discuss possible next steps for maximizing your return.

SEO Ranking Report:

A monthly SEO ranking report is provided that outline how the website is doing organically for the keywords used in the PPC campaign.

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