Get cast-iron IT security for your organization

Cyber attacks, threats and intrusions are increasing in frequency and complexity and it imperative for organizations to have an aggressive security plan in place. You need to take a proactive approach rather than a reactive one for threat management. This will ensure you have an adequate first line of defence and are security-compliant while arranging for business continuity.

Security & Compliance Services

Security Architecture Consulting

We provide consultation for organizations looking to implement or ramp up their security. Our goal is to secure your environment from cyber threats and internal ones by creating a strategy for protecting your infrastructure and preparing contingency plans for Outages and Disasters.

Security Managed Services

We provide a variety of services to manage your security operations:

  • WAN Devices
  • Firewalls
  • IDS / IPS Devices
  • Threat Management Systems
  • Identity Management
  • Single Sign-On
  • Security Policies. Etc.
Infrastructure Risk Assessment & Management

We will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your IT environment from a security perspective. This will be the first step to help us assess your infrastructure, operations and services. The next step is to define and prioritize risk and formulate a technology solution to manage your infrastructure.

Security Compliance & Certification

We help you meet security compliance requirements by making your infrastructure solidly secure through our consultation and implementation services. This facilitates getting the security certification needed for your business operations.

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